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Digital Marketing Services

We bring your brand where your customers want to see.

There is quite big competition in the world. If you have something to sell , no matter what, you have to make it noticeable. That’s why we are here!

How can we help you with?

We start our work by analyzing you, your brand, your client and your core values. We share our services that enhancer to you, and determine  targets  with you. We improve your work step by step.

Web Design

If you are considering building a new website or want to redo your current website, we are creating great ones! They are fast, compatible with all devices and fitting your current and upcoming clients's uniq needs which you provided as a product or service.

Social Media Advertising

Do you know that %53 of the world population are active social media users ? We are creating brand-specific marketing funnels with using social media ads and helping you to gain new customers which are relevant with your services or products !

Search Optimizing

Nowadays, %80 of the users are searching internet before buy a product or a service. We bring your website where your customers want to see with chargeable Google Ads (PPC) service.

Conversion Optimizing

How about increase your sales with same traffic? We analyze your vizitors with tests ,surveys and advanced tools. Remove barriers that prevent them from converting. We improve the things that motivate your clients and increase your conversion optimizing.


Dynamics of trade are changing. Far far aways getting closer, close places become distance. E commerce is helping to submit your services or products with one click to another part of the world. We can highlight unequalled part of your brands on the internet and we can improve your weakness together. We are helping you to make more internet sales with using our expanded consultancy services.

Education & Counselling

In the past , accessing information was not easy but we had time. Nowadays we can access the information easily but we have limited times. We, as akayweb , loves to share what we know. Teaching you how to learn and self-improving with our services! We provide you to reach what information needed!

Who we work with